Everything perfectly on the spot

Our production starts to become a lasting success not only because of perfect parts and components produced for you, but also when getting those to you just in time. What means you have to do nothing at all everything will be done for you.

This is how our logictics department works: you get the best quality of parts and components, packed conforming to your demands exactly when you need them. We deliver worldwide, no matter if it is for our customers, their customers, OEM’s or third processing companies. To do so we have our own buffer stocks and additional ones which are located at our suppliers for pinpoint access to defined contingents as well as reliable shipping partners on which we and you can always count on. If requested we can also offer you our own especially developed reusable circulation packaging boxes. This makes the whole delivery process even more effective: after removal of goods the plastic containers can be easily folded together and be returned.

That’s the way how logistics should be: easy, economical and … logical!