Where ideas take shape

Ideas you develop and construct together with us take shape in our mouldmaking dept. Also here we work with the latest in machine technology. Because to process plastics in a top-quality, also quality-moulds are needed. Therefore we rely on our own strenghts and our profound technical know how.

But we also revise external moulds provided for contract production, which we optimise for you.

Our constructors develop solutions in close dialogue with you and our mould construction department. Consitently computer supported, all components for your moulds are designed on the PC and are forwarded through our universal CAD-structure to the subordinated processing steps in the production. Different rheological simultations and calculations help us to check out parts and mould alignment long before the real production starts. So already in this early stage all areas of improvement can be scooped completely, without changes afterwards at the already existing mould. This saves time and money.

To make your ideas become reality fast and exactly, our cutting and eroding technology is directly integrated into the entire IT workflow. Through our central 3D measurement and adaption set-up all mould construction machines, HSC processing cells as well as the eroding centre with six arbor robot for automated workpiece processing are connected. This processing method guarantess optimal adherence to delivery dates for you. With our new five arbor HSC processing centre all the cutted shapes are measured 3D five-axle and compared with our CAD data.

For an economic production of your moulds not only motivation and quality are important, but also an appropriate transparent mould- and capacity planning are necessary.

Because of our software based production planning preventive ordering of all materials needed are no problem. The operation data management collects the acutal mould data, analyses and records it. The data of production time for each mould provides the direct connection to injection moulding. For this reason prompt post calculation and survey of entire mould data are possible.