We always realise customer demands in the shortest time to the best cost-benefit ratio.  During development as an important step in our value-chain we decide how the future products shall look like and how the can be produced economically.

Our entire production process is IT-supported and the departments development and construction together with mouldmaking, injection moulding, assembling and packaging are connected and integrated into the automated workflow through a common data base. The result are short cycle- and production times. Our Pro/Engineer and Unigraphics programs are responsible for quick results in redevelopment and optimisation of plastic parts. Based on 3D modelling or rheological calculations, prototyping is consistently possible and can be discussed with the customer. Here the decision is made how the part must look like for the tool construction, to provide serial production without any problems.

This processing step is supported by Simcon Cadmold-Software. This software allows different rheological simulations, to have a target-oriented follow up processing. This includes filling properties, warpage, orientation, pressure loss, lunker/sink marks, air entrapments, weld lines as well as detailed cycle times. For this reason we can avoid problems for sure and optimise moulds even before they have been build.

Because of our universal CAD-structure we can support you in analysing, optimisation, mouldmaking, serial production as well as assembly of entire components. A good example for this purpose is our cooperation with Runpotec to realise their RT2008 cable grip.. As system supplier we collaborated during the entire development and optimisation phase of the device and produced 23 moulds and 43 moulded parts. The next steps were assembling of the parts, the packaging in a specific case and delivery in the agreed time.

We have a wide technological base. Our wide range reaches from standard one-part moulds up to multiple cavity moulds with several slides, undercuts and demanding deforming to work with various plastic components in one production step. We are focussed on processing of multi-components (hard-soft-combinations, insert moulding) combined with automated part removal and refinement (e.g. Korona-method and pad printing, online-assembling or packaging) as well as cleanroom production of medical products.

We added in-mould assembly to our focus, which made it possible to produce connected plastic parts already in the mould. In this process we talk about parts which are so different in their basic commodities that normally they cannot be combined, or about products which should be permanently linked in mechanics like e.g. hinges or joints.

Variotherm injection moulding is based on a graduate tempering method of the mould during a defined cycle time. Advantages for processes, moulded parts surface, stability and profitability are results of Variotherm processing. The already tempered mould surface is heated also by the hot plastic mass during the injection process. After filling of the cavity the mould is cooled till the moulded part has the necessary deforming temperature.  A higher surface quality, a longer pressure impact in subsectors far from the sprue, less residual stress and warpage in the moulded part, optimised cycle times as well as less injection pressure and clamping force are advantages offered by this method. We have the necessary know-how to support you also when it comes to work with this special process.

In general injection moulding is a dynamic growing business, because more and more components, like for example in the automotive industry, that were made out of metal are now replaced increasingly by efficient plastics parts. The substitution of metal by high tech plastics has become remarkably important during the last years. We support you in this field concerning the right material choice and combination as well as when it comes to practice-oriented realisation of the moulds or a trouble-free serial production.  The prime contractor CAMO at your side means that you can take benefit of all the advantages that come from a profound pool of knowledge.