Injection moulding

The core of a successful production

Besides the mould construction the injection moulding dept. is a key part of our company. It is where theory turns into the maturity phase, where plastics are shaped. Because of our long-standing experience, profound knowledge and high commitment, we let good ideas become excellent products.


With more than 60 injection moulding machines with clamping forces between 250 and 5.000 kN we process more than 1.700 tons of different plastics per year into about 600 million moulded parts. The shot weights reach from 0,05 g/PS up to 4.100 g/PS. Our machines are the latest in technology and fully automated with removal and robot technology. This high-tech way of production is the key not only for a perfect quality but also for a competitive production in Austria.

Among our 46 one component injection moulding machines we have various fully electric machines, also with linear- and/or six axis robots, inline printing devices and video test units. This is why we can also offer to integrate follow-up processes like pad printing, assembling or quality control into the injection moulding cycle for a fully-automatic and economic parts production.

High-performance plastics

With our optimized devices we process high-performance plastics like PEEK, Grivory, PA12, PSU, PPSU, LCP into high-class products for our customers.

We are optimally equipped with a large number of injection moulding cells including multi-component machines, CNC-robots as well as inline printing devices with linear units to bring our entire knowledge based on 20 years of working with multi-component mould construction into the injection moulding process.

Our main focus targets on multi-component injection moulding. We can offer you several injection moulding cells equipped with multi-component machines, CNC-handlings as well as pad printig devices with linear units, so our knowledge concerning multi-component injection mould construction is integrated optimally into the injection moulding process. In our company the entire process of „injection moulding – handling – online-asssembling – priting – packaging is fully automated. So you will get high-precision technological parts at competitive parts prices.

Our certified ISO-process „contract production“ offers our customers short-term serial production provided with moulds within 24 hours.

The provided moulds are checked, recorded and adapted if necessary by our in-house mould construction, operating dept. and electrical service technology.

This ISO certified recording process guarantess that the necessary moulds can be translocated fast in maintenanced and checked condition. Many of our customers are convinced of this service and became steady partners.

Besides the translocation of moulds for conctract production we also did numerous translocations of entire injection moulding depts. inclusive all machines for our customers.  We still offer this service to interested customers. Immediately after integrating the machines in our production dept. and sampling of all parts, the initial sample inspection reports according to VDA and the ISO records of production instructions are prepared.

The insert technology is all about insert moulding of arbors, hubs, shafts and punched conductors. This creates very interesting technological possibilities for example in (micro-)mechanics, electronics and also in the automotive industry. You can fully rely on our longtime know how in this interesting processing technology as well as in mould construction.

With automating of the entire injection moulding process also the following refinement steps are more and more integrated in the automated process. We do this with our entire printing, which we use for putting up colours, logos or marks. Our 18 pad printing devices make it possible to fullfil your individual requirement concerning the exterior design of your parts. Our Corona-preprocessing comes into addition for a smooth imprinting of PP-components.